I love Xmarks and Delicious

I just have to say, syncing your bookmarks between browsers and computers using xmarks is absolutely super duper perfect! It’s totally indispensible when reinstalling an old or installing a new computer. And as a bonus, all your bookmarks are backed up. Automatically. I also use the profile feature which lets me choose what bookmarks I want available at home, at work and both. Check it out at xmarks.com!

I use Xmarks primarily for the links bar in the browser, other bookmars I save online on Delicious. Of course my links bar contains a shortcut to my delicious as well as a shortcut to save the current page to delicious. You can check out my programming related bookmarks to the left here on the blog or at http://www.delicious.com/deap82/programming

My blogging has been a bit so and so lately, I’ll try to att least share some links and quick tips from now on. So, stay tuned.

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