Facebook documentation requires login, stopper for generating code? :-/

Tonight I’ve ran into a real obstacle with generating code from the Facebook online documentation. Please see my post on the Facebook Developer Forum here:


If this isn’t resolved, it’ll be a real stopper for generating code from the documentation… :-/


  1. oh shiiiii is there no way to provide login details to the generation code?

  2. Believe me I've tried, and it didn't work. I think Facebook gone to some length to prevent different kind of bots from logging in... And if I succeeded it would actually be a violation of Facebook terms of use...

    Since my forum post hasn't gotten much response I've now posted it as a bug/request at bugs.developers.facebook.com: http://bugs.developers.facebook.net/show_bug.cgi?id=16835

    Please vote for it.

  3. Hi, i've find this projet very very interesting. I think we can't stop it because of this login requirement.

    You could probably log on manually and download all the html page of the documentation(there are lot of tools to do that).
    Then you could store it or the generating result on the codeplex project. Or maybe do an article on how to download the documentation and feed the T4 with it.

    What do you think?

  4. Yes, Thomas, I think this would work and that it is the only way to go. Unfortunately my time is rather limited right now. If you or anyone else has some time to put in to this it would be awesome.

  5. what about using something like this:



  6. i'm trying this out now... will let you know how i get on :)

  7. Great, I'll love to hear about it. :-)

  8. just blogging now - nearly cracked it :)

  9. http://blogs.sonatribe.com/wayne/2011/06/06/taking-a-stab-at-generating-strongly-typed-facebook-graph-c-classes-for-netasp-net-my-attempt/


  10. could you contact me on my blog so i can grab a copy from you to work with while i try and get this working with the HtmlUnit stuff?



  11. Hi

    I need your generated classes in a project so i can update the version of JSon.Net to match my current version used by ravendb… do you have the generated classes anywhere?

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