Switching to english

When I first started to write this blog I decided to do it in swedish mainly for two reasons;

  1. There aren't many blogs on the topic written in swedish.
  2. It will be a whole lot easier for me to get posts written.

The first one is still true, but the second one might not be. One problem with writing in swedish is that not that many will find the blog, since even the swedes will google for solutions to their programming problems in english. So for the time being I will switch to english to see if that in any way increases traffic to the blog, which might encourage me to write more often. Please feel free to comment and rate my articles (as well as my english ;-). Any feedback, good or bad, is most welcome.

Of course my posts in swedish will remain and even if you don't understand this northern language you might get something out of looking at the screen caps and code snippets.

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